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SPORT Manager

Thomas Geist, born 1964, has nearly three decades of experience in club football coach. After having to retire due to a violation of his active career had he concentrated on the training of players in the youth, senior and amateur in Germany. He sat in well with the English club West Ham United.

After numerous successes with the team under his supervision in 2010, he went eventually to first division side FK Bosnian Laktasi. There he led the relegation-threatened team to stay in its current league. At the SV Straelen Club he was also employed as a trainer and at the same time for seven years as manager.

Through his long career as a trainer and manager, he has extensive knowledge of German and Bosnian football scene. The high level of trust placed in him by the players, but also the associations led him in recent years to professionalize its consulting activities for players and clubs by establishing an agency as a sports manager. In addition to his excellent skills in football field, his extensive network to such important players and coach figures such as Jos Luhukay, Thomas Gerstner, Hermannn Tecklenburg, Slobodan Komljenovic and Dragoslav Stepanovi, longtime coach of German first division club Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen, are remarkable.

We work on legal matters, along with the prestigious law firm Weber & Below, players and clubs to ensure the best possible advice on all legal and contractual issues.

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